Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Surrogate Motherhood In England

Surrogate is a very ambiguous and controversial thing. Nowadays it is the only way to make childless couples happy, and people are unlikely to refuse it.

Infertility is increasingly becoming a sad diagnosis of many happy families. People are already familiar with long-term courses of treatment in clinics that are inconclusive. In this case, we have to accept what is happening and to admit that the appearance of the child by a surrogate mother is the last necessary measure, which will bring us closer to family happiness.

Surrogate has appeared not in our time. One of the first references we find in the Bible, long before the birth of Christ. The Old Testament describes the case when in the family of Abraham and Sarah a long time was no children. Sarah could not give birth to a child, and she referred to the maid. The maid gave birth to her and Abraham’s child, and Sarah adopted a child and named him Ishmael.

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