Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sail Away

Set Sail

Dreamers. We all are.

Their eyes sparkle when they talk about their dreams. Life infused in every word that they speak.

Dreamers. Only a few left standing and believing, that no matter how BIG their dreams are- they can still come true.

It is sad to note that there are "dream-killers". And they are out to kill and destroy (some even out to steal hehehe) . A single word can knock a dreamer down.

But God is different. He came to fulfill every dream. He revives every dead dreams. He shakes off every dreamer who's in slumber. He infused passion into their hearts.

Dreamers, won't take the backseat. Passion fuels their hearts. They see beyond the horizon. They are quick to realized that the harbor is not their place. They set their sail unto the ocean and explore possibilities. A storm may try to stop them along the way, but a dreamer would rather take a risk and face the storm than wait and do nothing.

I am a dreamer. I'll wait no more. I sleep no longer. God has infused my heart with a passion that can't be tamed. I will not stop until I am living the dream. I stand with an absolute faith in a God who makes everything possible.

Dreamers, it's time to SET SAIL!

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