Monday, April 18, 2011

Letting Go

I pretended that I was over you
But deep down I know it wasn’t true
Though you never seen me crying
You never seen me hurting
But deep inside I feel like dying

God knows I’ve tried anything and everything
Just to forget you
But for some reasons I just can’t do
Why didn’t anybody tell me?
That this isn’t easy as what it should be

And why am I feeling this pain?
When, what we had was only just a game
I always thought this emotion
Was just an infatuation?

But little did I know
I have fallen in love with you
Now it doesn’t really matter
The game is over
Someone has won your heart
While mine has torn apart

But If and when
Your heart will be broken again
Just remember I’m here for you
I’ll help you make it thru
But if she’s really the one for you
Then I guess have to learn to let go of you

10/15/02 - 1:35 A.M

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