Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sell Gold & Silver & Get More

People tend to be careful when they sell their gold and silver. And for good reason! This is big money we are talking about and you do not just sell it to anyone else. That buyer may scam you so always do transactions with legitimate companies.

The Silver and Gold Exchange is a US based buyer of gold and silver from the public. They are different than Cash4Gold and other competitors for a number of reasons.

One of those reasons is that they publish their prices on a live price chart on their website so you will know what they are currently paying. Plus they pay up to six times more than their competitors and provide free, trackable priority mail shipping and up to $5000 insurance per package while others provide non-trackable business reply mail and only $100 insurance.

To avoid bias, they use an independent, third party testing facility to determine the value of the gold and silver sent, so the seller knows there will be a fair appraisal.

Proof that they are legitimate is bolstered by the fact that they are Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited with zero complaints. Visit now.

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