Thursday, November 25, 2010

You And I

A dove watched throughout the nights
Looked back a thousand and ninety days
When the canlde melted and light had died
As strength wavered and faith spread ways.

Though the heart had layered frost that bite
A losing fight against the night
The voice tells me "hold on tight"
I must endure with all my might.

In the hours of greatest need
When days are forged with great distress
The Eternal has yet another deed
An angels light did this heart caress

Half dozen days after God's birth
A promise made to one lonely spirit
And ten days more upon this earth
The promise kept and a life to live it

The Soul's eyes can clearly see
The virtual world in which we met
So near are the doors to reality
Still may our world's sun never set

Eight hours will our time equate
and perhaps a countless feet apart
Yes, through a box do we relate
Yet you've placed a dozen smiles inside this heart

Thus the sweet song to you I sang
And so to you the key i gave
There now at your chest it hang
The memories i shall forever save

I wish to ask you, be my guide
Walk through scorching land with me
But I fear that I would slow your stride
and we may never get across land and sea

Oh, how I long to hold you fast!
But I do see what your wings are for
With me you'll be 'till i breathe my last
Go fly! with you this heart could soar!

For you are summoned by your lords
Thus fly and light would brightly shine
From an honored baronness' words;
"He is not ours; and he is not mine."

Though in this world of mine it rains
I long to see this angel fly
and sweet light in my heart remains
Thus darkness fades with every sigh

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