Sunday, November 21, 2010

Of Love & Intricacies

Oh, sweet is love in fellowship
And blessed are the friends who love
For love soweth for the light
And light means dawn ascending.

In existence's steadfast waves
Amid fondness even from a distant friend
Some hearty laughs, endearing words
And hands to catch some teardrops falling.

So let nights and days go treading
Let clouds and seasons flow
And in this bliss unending
Winter even loom like spring.

A lover's lip, a loving smile
An iris twinkling in the night
See the eyes like windows through
And watch the distance fading.

Plunge then into cool blue waters
Go swimming in the pool of dreams
Some hand beckons us, "follow"
A light! a face, this secret love!

And howling winds seem only breezing
Alongside there seem flowers blooming
Hazy days seem brightly clearing
Days alight though rains come pouring.

Sometimes a sound in times so silent
Candles flickering from afar
Undisturbed, a song sweet, flowing
A whisper, a prayer and a wish.

Now in this waking dream we fall
Eyes closed then doors would open
There within this percept fortress
Live thoughts afloat on every wall!

Gentle touch, warm fingertips
Love and other sweet-sweet-sorrows
Passion swept, or bittersweet cries
Like thousand butterfly wings that flutter!

Jointly hoping, onward marching
As time's second hand goes fleeting
All the cherished cares sustaining
A path, two paths, more paths entwining.

Oh blessed is love in friendship and,
Gladenned are the mates in life
For the life that soweth love is good
And what is good soweth life!

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