Sunday, October 17, 2010

On a Rainy Day

The first time I've heard one of Yiruma's instrumental, I was inspired to compose the lyrics below.


It was a rainy day, the day that I met you.
You were waiting for your bus ride home
And then you smile at me, that warm and sunny smile
It was the day that changed my life

Then you said hello and asked for my name
It was like hearing an angles voice (whispering to my ears)
You said your name to me and extend your hand
I shook your hand with gratefulness (in my heart)

For all my life, I was alone
Walking on my own where no one even glance my way
For all my life, it was just me
No one to listen to my sadness

Repeat Chorus

For all my life, I had no one
I see the world as plain black and white
For all my life, I had no friend
To pick me up every time I fall

Repeat Chorus

And then you come along to my life
With just your smile, you put aside my sadness
You saved the life that I was ready to give up
It was on that rainy day that you changed my life

On a rainy day you changed my life
On that rainy day that I met you

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