Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Don't Know Ma. Venus Raj

By: Bhobby Nacorda (Cebu City)

I am not a fan of beauty pageants. I just knew that Ms. Universe is not the same as Ms. World. But the fuss yesterday, especially on twitter and other websites, made me real curious about it. Then, I decided to watch the replay on Studio 23 of the 2010 Ms. Universe pageant.

A lot of people are talking about the answer of Ms. Philippines – Ma. Venus Raj. A lot said that they are disappointed about it. Many believe that if she should have given a well-thought-of answer she could have won the crown. In short, a lot were dismayed about her performance.

After watching the pageant specifically the question and answer portion, I felt that Ms. Raj does not deserve such negative criticism locally and internationally. The question was – “What was your biggest mistake in the past and how did you correct it? “. She answered that in her 22 years of existence, she has no major, major problem and that she is confident with the love that her family has given her.

Very simple and straight from the heart.

Why would others expect that she could have answered it differently? Why can't we be happy that in her very young age, she was not able to have any perception of negativity even if she was raised in a poverty-stricken family? Aren't we supposed to congratulate the parenting style of her parents?Isn't positivity the real meaning of the pageant?

I am a Filipino and I am not sour-graping. In my opinion, Ms. Mexico, the one being crowned as Ms. Universe 2010, did not even answer the question. She was asked – "What effect is unsupervised Internet use having on today's youth?". Through an interpreter, she says that the Internet is an "indispensable, necessary tool" and we have to make sure kids are using it according to family values. Did she cite any effect of unsupervised internet use to the youth? Now, you tell me if she has answered the question.

I don't know Ma. Venus Raj until I watched the replay of the pageant. The havoc that her answer created is a sign that a lot of people – Filipinos and foreigners, would like to project their negative life experience on a humble lady they saw on TV.

For once, can we respect the answers of other people to questions even if it is not what we expect? Who knows, their answers came from the fact that they have more beautiful life stories than we have because of the values their parents nurtured in their hearts despite the odds.


stacey said...

nice one, bhob!

it was a valiant effort. the last time Miss Philippines made it to the top 5 was in 1999.

kudos to miss raj.

albinsky said...

Right on! Sometimes an answer as it is, wouldn't seem of value until we sit back and think of the person, his/her life's experiences and what might make him/her answer as such. Then we would realize that that person gave us an inkling as to who that person really is and what part of his/her life he/she is sharing with you.

We are proud of you Raj!

LangLang said...

An influential person in my life told me... "There is one major thing in life I have learned - our whole life consists of interaction between people - whether you sell an industrial plant or have a blind date. It all happens "between the ears" - values, beliefs, opinions and so on. And every party thinks their opinion is the right one..." Whatever the answer of Ms. Raj was, that was based on her own belief and values – and she deserves much of our Respect.

Thanks for your sharing with us your awakening thoughts, Bhob!

bhobby said...

Much thanks!

Anonymous said...

Much thanks - bhobby

Anonymous said...

very well said, i agree to that..

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct, Bob! There are just a lot of people who have negative disposition in life as compared to those who have positive disposition and Ms. Raj is one of the few.

Sony said...

yah im agreeing with u ...

as or universe at least she must knows the right answer for the right question!

how about some people in niger ask about fresh water and she answer
"ya i think we will wait for rain.."

how they find rain in niger?

ohh they only perfect in swimsuit and thongs...
not belong to the world.. the world needs smart people to care, to share, to aware ...

not for mags cover only...

Tey said...

perhaps it's because we expected too much from her since she is representing our country.. She is very pretty indeed
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