Monday, May 31, 2010

Flight Of Fancy Part 1

Walking along the sands of time
I hear the sunset, hear its silent sigh
Its rays fall on this head of mine
I see not, all the people passing by

Someone beckons but I did not turn
For surely it is not me he yearns
Hence, I continued on my journey
But lo! The stranger was still by me
Lost you were, as you say

You asked me where to go
You asked me to stay
But I could not, so I said nay
Passing stranger, who could you be?
A friend? A lover? Is it a possibility?

You caught my fancy oh so easily!
I felt I knew you. I felt you knew me.
Everything is anew, every time I am with you
I look into your beautiful eyes, I see heaven

Such unbelievable sweetness I never knew
And you say the same of me, if not more even
We venture many places, we see many faces
Oh stranger, stranger, why do I fear you not?

And ignore the dogs at my ankle that bark
You whisper in my ear, all fear it erases
Yes! Such sweet rapture
My heart youve captured
It goes into dance
Due to this romance

Just like the eagle soaring high above the sky
That is how I feel knowing you are coming by
Like the rumbling of the volcano before its eruption
There is nothing that can stop my heart before its explosion!

Please let this last forever, I hear myself say
And I did not suspect you never meant to stay
Alas! The time has come for you to go
To a faraway place I must not know
Was it a dream? Was it reality?
Oh it was real. A real flight of fancy!


dr love said...

I've just realized that your blog is full with poems now.. Nice job!

Anonymous said...


William JR. Yap said...

this is really a good poem. it really catches my attention and inspires me with every aspects of life. i hope there are more to this in the future. i like all your poem. nice work and good job... keep it up always!

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