Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Stranger

Did you meet me once in a desert bloom
Or once upon a midnight moon

In starcrossed lands and distant skies
In times lost and days passed by

In moments unforgiving
I paid with the cost of living

I've lost you somewhere along my journey
Along the flaws of my broken memory

I have sought your footsteps in my past
Hoping the memories of you would last

In frantic search of you I'm lost
I am so empty my soul a ghost

I know I will never find you here
And you will never care

I was too blind to see what meaning you had to me
Because some things were not meant to be

Maybe you will be forgotten
With time I will awaken

Someday I pray
That we will meet along the way

Hoping that our journey
Will go our way

That the memories of our past
Will go away at last


resistanCe said...

nice words...suprising me word by word

Karen Palero said...

I like he thought of this poem...coz somehow I can relate to it. Keep it up. ^_^

anythingvanessa said...

this is a nice poem.
hope you can visit my blog as well

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