Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Promised Forever

I didn't write this but I forgot the name of the writer. I just thought it was pretty sweet. :)

You said you loved me,
Said it would last forever.
Said that no matter what happened,
I could always count on you.

You promised me forever,
Forever is still going on.
That promise of forever
Was a big fat ugly lie.

You came to me one evening
A troubled look on your face.
I knew at that moment
I'd never see you again.

I listened as you told me
There was a different girl.
I listened as you told me
That SHE was your world.

I remember getting angry,
Yelling at you for betraying me.
You just shook you head
And said "I'm sorry."

I collapsed in sobs
As you left me all alone.
I remember every word said,
Every stick and every stone.

You broke my heart
The night that you confessed
Not only had you cheated,
You had never cared.

You didn't even look back
To see if I was okay.
You never even told me
That you were leaving me that day.

You just expected
Me to understand
That you were mine no longer,
you belonged to someone else.

You promised me forever,
Well forever is forever
You lied when you promised me
The one thing you knew
You could not deliver.

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