Sunday, March 14, 2010


Again and again you have showed me
How much you wanted me
I could not believe the words
How can this dream become reality

I have always desired someone like you
A morena girl so sensually rare
My heart longs just to catch a glimpse of you
As my lips touches your skin so bare

Let me touch you
And feel your golden skin
Let me hold you
Trap me in your golden arms

My exotic and beautiful goddess
The thought of you loses my senses
That each day I long to give you bliss
And each moment I long for your caress

My love for you is something I cannot hide
To your beauty my love is true
I have kept my love inside
But deep inside I have always wanted you

I have waited for you
For you to come into my life
A morena girl so sweet and true
Yet so far away I am mising you

1 comment:

emotera said...

wow such a lovely poem. keep it up!

anyways, if you have time
please do check my post about Arnel Pineda National Anthem being criticized.

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