Friday, February 12, 2010

Broken Promises

You said you would stay
Promised you'd always be there
You left me anyway
And you never cared

I needed you
We made a promise
To be forever true
That's what love is

Why do you make me promise
Something you could never do
To know what love is
You have to let it show

Why promise me forever
When you wouldn't stay
Why promise me love
When you never did

Forever doesn't mean
As long as it takes
Love doesn't mean
Saying "I love you"

I just kept on loving
But it's never enough
You just ruined everything
Coz it's never enough

Why didn't you tell me
That you never loved me
That you never cared
Why tell me these words

Words mean nothing
If you don't mean them
Feelings are only feelings
If you don't feel them

These promises I only heard
Words that were easy to say
All you gave me were words
But words you took away

Just as easily
You took me apart
Ever so softly
When you broke my heart


Krishna said...

Yes, you said it beautifully! Even when breaking hearts, they do so softly! Real sophistication!

Keep up the spirit of your poems!

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home said...

wow.. nice poem.. great !

bit said...

breaking heart with softly..

kara said...

great.. keep in posting.. i'll keeping in track your site.. nice..

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love said...

beautiful words!

riz said...

yes, they are great!

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