Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Quietly she sits on her chair
Legs crossed in stylish flair
She speaks to him in cryptic phrases
Words that manipulate his mind with soundless whispers

She hides her feelings with paranoid secrecy
Misleading intentions not of intimacy but misandry
Saying one thing but meaning another
Never once feeling sorry for her lover

Her past, she says, is long gone
A bitterness she claims is forgotten
But her acts tell him she's unchanged
Her words only refer to subtle rage

She tells him everything is fine
He lets it go out of his mind
But the price is always the same
In the end he will be to blame

So many secrets to hide the shame
And misdirection to hide the pain
The ironic reality is the player was played
It was never about the pain but her pride


pp said...

oh this is a hard one...hehe

well yeah, women can tend to be like that. using teir charms to manipulat. but oh well. i guess life is just like that. every relationship has its kinks.

marriagemarkers said...

sigh...i can relate. because i also do that to my husband. although i am not exactly that sophisticated.

thankfully i am learning to keep myself from being a vamp. and i try so much to loving and respecting my husband for our sake, for our daughter's sake and for the glory of God.

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