Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Miss You

I admit to myself I did missed you dearly
I admit I was thinking of you every day
I admit how sadden was I on how time flies so easily
Making me missed you more in every step of my way.

Barely there is nothing much to hold on to this missing part
For I know, all of this are merely factual lies of my suppressed life
There is no longer a way to make a past to be present now
And there is nothing much I can do to undo what has been done.

I am happy now with my life; least that was I thought
I am contented with what I am now; least that was I dreamt of
I can say I am better off alone; least that was I believed in
Yet rather after all those beliefs, all I did was lying to myself.

I must start things the right way anew in my life
I must stop thinking on the past and leave it behind
For there is nothing I can do to bring back what I lost
Even though I missed you and it hurts but I need to.


eNeS said...

Good poem my friend...

Mr. Emil Jaranilla said...

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[ k r y k ] said...

i feel the inner ache. :(

happy outside,
bleeding inside.

nice poem. Ü

Sismadi said...

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psycha said...

nice Poem. I like it.

mothercares said...

hi. happy weekend...
Let's forget the pain in our heart

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