Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Am Sorry Father

HE had given me a wonderful life
HE had given me a place to live and be free
HE had given me undeniable true love
And never did HE ask for any returns of those unselfish acts.

HE had sacrificed HIS life for me
HE catches all the sins I had committed
HE forgives me with no questions asked
Even if I disgraced HIM over and over in my life

I was HIS child on the day I was made
I owe HIM my life just when my heart starts to beat
I owe HIM for giving me a whole family
Everything I am now is all my debts to HIM.

I am sorry to have remember YOU only in my pains
I am sorry to have caused your heart to bleed
Many sins I did made why YOU ended in pain
But YOU never failed to wash it all clean.

I am sorry FATHER to have beseeched you over and over
I am sorry FATHER to have continuously disgraced your name
From this day on till to the day I will surrender back my life to YOU
I will honor and praise YOUR name with my heart and soul.


ijal said...

what happen?

love said...

lets pray then.

Kev said...

Gosh, i'm so touched by the contents of the poem. I'm glad you have repented. It's never too late to change, and I believe your dad will be happy that you have.

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My Artikel said...

Great Poem, for father day..

I'll take it for myself...

Thanks for share it


bea trisha said...

a poem with a sense...
i hope many people get to read this...
so nice!

(i'll follow you my friend, hope you can follow me as well..

good day!)

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

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