Thursday, September 10, 2009

Having You In My Life

Sometimes I have this attitude you can’t understand
Sometimes you have this acts I couldn’t bear
There are times you and I wouldn’t speak for hours
Yet ending up cuddling to each other arms

There are times in me I hated you for some acts
But I know I could not bear to rip you off my heart
It sounds so cheesy I know
But I couldn't stand a day without seeing you

You've given me all in life that you could offer
You've given me care that to anyone I couldn't compare
You've given me those arms that shelter me throughout
Endlessly showing how much you love me in your life

You showed my loved ones how precious I am to you
You showed your loved one who I am to you
You showed to all how happy you are having me ...
And you showed to me - how dearly you treasured me

Having you in my life is the greatest gift I received from above
Having someone who truly cherished me in all ways of a man's life
You are always there for me in every step of my way
And you will always and forever be my Life.

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