Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dreamt Wedding

Every woman wants and wishes to be wed someday
To one man she cherished and loved dearly

Walking in the church aisle in a white long dress
Holding in her hand those bouquet of roses
Saying to each other those “I do’s” and bows
And happily be pronounced as husband and wife forever life

Yes I am one of those girls that dream of a beautiful wedding
A wedding that will momentarily freezes both of your love one’s moment
A wedding that capture what our love truly was
A wedding that binds me and my man into one

Enthusiastic I am with the whole preparations
Even though that moment is still on 2011 of June
Quite funny how excited we are for it to come
Even though there was still no proposal mentioned

It may not be the wedding I dreamt when I was a kid
But I know it would be one of those moments
I will forever treasure and will never forget.

1 comment:

EjomLexus "F" said...

Sweet... good thing you not afraid to get married. Well, I hope I should consider that since I'm already gaining some age.

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