Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am I Again In Love?

Is there such a thing what we called one great love?
Can anyone fall for that fact?
Can there be a single evidence of being in love perhaps?
And could there be someone deserving for that kind of love

The entire life the world had showed my life
Was not as lucky compared to anyone had
I have some pasts that I was broken apart
Yet I continued to have loved them with all my life.

Then I decided to fight for my right to be loved back
For all I am with my past was a cover up for empty shells he have
Yes it made me stronger in every way now
And I admit it made me once hated to love.

Then this one person came so sudden into my hated life
A person who showed me everything will be alright
A friend who showered me all the care I need the most
And a man who brought me again to the happiness I once lost.

My world really wanted to freeze every time I’m with you
I wanted the time to ceased my moments with you

Now the question is, am I in love again?

Oh yes I am in love and this time it’s for good
I am in love with YOU with all my heart and soul.

1 comment:

scribbler said...

i love it!

i might just fall in love again....


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