Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alcohol - A Story Or Two

Let me tell you a story or two,
Of the little adventures I wished were untrue.

Let us start with the lovely fruit from the vine,
The drink of class, you've guessed! It's wine.
But the white one I try to stay away you see,
For I become best friends with the toilet seat.

Rum-I stay away from that drink,
Coz all it does is it makes me stink.
Pre-mixes mess up your head the next day,
I can't be any clearer, just stay away!

Whiskey is a drink I find quite risky,
For the secrets within me are revealed too quickly.
All the things about me I keep so concealed,
All of a sudden everything is revealed =(.

Vodka- the drink that looks so pure and clear,
You wake up the next morn' with a bit of fear.
For everything that happened you've forgotten,
And you wished you didn't do anything rotten.

Tequila another drink of choice,
Makes me feel I have a perfect voice.
But rolling down a hill once is enough,
To let me know this drink is quite tough.

Those quaint and sweet drinks called liqueur,
Only drank by men that are insecure.
Nah I'm kidding, they are actually quite nice,
It's only the next morning is what I despise.

Absinthe is the drink I try to refrain,
That drink seriously makes me insane.
The little green fairy looking pleasant and kind,
Don't believe her! She seriously messes your mind.

And for the drink I like and love so dear,
You don't have to guess! You know it's beer.
Beer makes me dance and I feel the best!
But a little too much I become a pest!

I'm sure there are drinks I didn't mention,
But this drink in my hand is getting my attention.
For after a few sips I know it's true,
I'm gonna end up telling you a story or two.

1 comment:

mark said...

was smiling in reading Your StoRy oF two..
splendid One!

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