Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Then, Now And Beyond

On the day I let you in as a part of my life
I know I am unsure of what I felt at start
I don't know if what I truly felt that time is real
For I know I left something in my past, I don't want to end.

You and I know, our journey was quite rough
Challenges and misunderstanding kept flooding our ways
In and out of despairs and cries you and I encountered
Yet here we are, standing still to what we heartily felt.

We wanted for our love to grow deeper into our hearts
We wanted our feelings to last forever until the end of our lives
Though a lot of heartaches and pains had come
We had able to pass through it all.

From the day we met up to this present
Such a rewarding thought it is for us to come this far
And hoping that from this day on up to our future
Our feelings would still be the same as what we are now.

Trials we know will always met with us in the end
But I know we can face it and pass through it over again
A year ago we became specially close at hearts
And now we will still be closer and closest in beyond.


ijal said...

Great post! Love to read it! :-)

lover said...

how are u there?

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