Friday, August 14, 2009

Bringing Back The Past

For some times in our lives
We hated each other's part
Believing on what our own standings & beliefs
Of us being once fooled in this life's game

For some times in our lives
We uttered bad things about us.
Basing the hates we had on false judgments
Relying on all the lies being said to our hearings

We parted as any couple or friends in distress
We both say our goodbyes not even as friends
You became bitter of what had happen even with the memories
And I hated you for foul things you said by then

Months had passed between us
Without knowing anything on our different lives
We have tried to move on to the right path
And just leave what we used to call US in the past

A sudden brush of the wind touches both our hearts
Hating each other to the very end is just tough
You talked and I replied back
Remembering those happy moments we used to have

We might not be able to rekindle all what was gone
Even if we can't be able to bring the past back
What is important?
Is that the friendship we once lost is now starting to heal
Stitching those torn pieces of us that were broken


ELAY said...

I've just read all the recent poems and I must say you have the SKILL man! You're so cool the poems really came from the heart. I love it. Expect me to be a regular patron of your blog. n_n

Tey said...

Our past is what we are now. Cherish them but leave in the present. Thanks for sharing my friend

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psycha said...

nice poems. thanks for sharing

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