Friday, July 3, 2009

Which Would It Be?

Not actually the torn between two lover issues
Nor not a dug-outing kind of situational talks
It would just rather be an issue of choosing who is better for you
To spend your forever days with the right one for you

You wanted to be with the one you love
But the question, does he want you also?
And if you choose the one who loves you
Can you assure you will love him to?

Torn between two different phase and situation might be
On which should you choose and what should it be
Should you go with the one you love and follow your heart?
Or chose the one who loves you and follow your mind?


Fjordan Allego said...

things will be fine if you're going to choose your heart... but before doing so, use your brain.. be practical.. and.. am I making sense? hehehe

reyjr said...

kanta yan diba?

HOTTEST said...

Hi friend u r blog nice...pls cm again by fraudmamy

Anza said...

I like to read some of your poem ... it's very nice post here

I'll visit you again


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