Friday, July 24, 2009

Unborn Child

Sometimes you wonder what it would be like
To have someone you can call your own in life
To hold and caress a fragile delicate body
A child which you could wish was born.

For some reasons, you are not ready to be a mother
But yet you decided to still carry the baby tenderly
For some reasons you felt afraid of what others might think
Yet still you fought with that fear and face what was real.

You may not be ready with all your heart and soul
How to take care of that little person in your womb
You might not know how to deal with the truth
That this early; a baby – your baby is to be born.

Then fate takes what was supposed to be yours
Fate chooses to take that angel from you
And yet it was gone for good without even you noticing
Without even letting you feel its heart beat.

Tears of regrets and sorrow flooded your whole life
Why fate chooses to take away your child
Endless grieves you felt to the deepest part of your heart
Knowing that little angel you just had is not intended for you to have.


Tey said...

The most wonderful feeling I ever had is to have a children of my own. I feel so complete and blessed
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Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

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