Monday, July 27, 2009

Show Off

Never did I understand why I let you see
Why I let you take control over me
Why I let you take me for granted
And yet loving you with all of me still

I don't know what to think on what was really happening
You were so much ok on US when with friends
But how come whenever they are not around and we are alone
You always treated me as if I was never a part of your life.

Do you really wanted me for yours to keep forever
Or you just wanted me whenever I am needed to be
Do you really love me with all your heart?
Or was I just a display for your self's sake.

Why you bother to introduce me to your friends
When you can't even treasure me even a bit
Can't grasp what is it you really want in your life
If you want me permanently involved or just part time.

If you intend just to show your friends how great you are
Having me around you always longer than they expected
Then let's stop this craziness and drama
For I don't want to be with the person
Who only think of me as a waste trophy ...

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