Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Love Must End

The sun ascends
The sun descends
As we both know
Things have to end

Although our love
Is sincere and true
I am so sorry
I can't be there for you

I love you with all my heart
But fate unfortunately put us apart
And though this bond will have to end
You will always be my friend

With a love so true
And fate so blue
All I can say is
I love you


posh post said... sad naman... i don't like sad endings for people. sob.

mark said...

nice poem...
ahehhhe! keep posting!

Rosa said...

gosh, love this poem. mind if we xlink? let me know if you are interested. thanks

Krishna said...

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, and Spring, summer, autumn, winter, and how many months, may be years might have been swept away by the chilling avalanche, yet, everything till the blossom dries up in the desert storm is summed up in a few words!

Celebrity Females

Workplace On the Web said...

Aww.makes me feel sad. reminds of my previous relationship :)

Have a good one.


Kebunsaida said...

Love is a feeling even if it still has never had

kiran said...

Nice poem
keep it up
keep visiting

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