Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm wrecked as anyone could think of
I'm not well for everybody's information
I'm totally wounded, hurt and in so pain
Knowing He already change as early as this.
Tried all the best I can and could be
Just to let him see that I love him truly
Tried to settle everything in me to him
But all turns out into pain yet there were no gains.
How can I live with this life alone?
When you trusted me with your whole self before
Now tell me where I will go from here
Knowing from me you're no longer near.
I can't see what mistake I have done and made
Why things might end so painfully like this way
You don't even tried to patch things between us
You just moved on with the things without asking why.
Can't concentrate well in running my life
Don't know why I kept on loving you with all my soul and mind
Sobering from all this tears and questioning why
I love man that is mean and so fun in playing with pains.


Aneuk Nanggroe said...

Nice Post..! best day for you

Paulette said...

really nice... i like!!

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