Friday, July 3, 2009

He Wanted Her

When you came to know him
Your world suddenly brightens
When he became your friend
Your life started to have a meaning.

He was so nice and kind to you in every way
That made you believe he feels the same way
He takes care of you also as if you were his girl
That made you feel all this things with you and him is for real.

You and him did became closer than ever each day of your life
You treated him even as if he was a part of you and your heart
Nothing can compare how much you are happy with him
Not knowing, that you to him was just a very special dear friend.

Then one day, he invited you to a dinner he said would be a special date
You think, at last you and him will no longer be in denial of what you felt
Then you came seeing him talking and caressing another girl
What hurts more; he introduces her to you as his life’s love and soul.

Your world suddenly shattered as if hit by a huge thunderstorm
You came rushing out of that considered hell kind of room
He followed you worrying and asked what had happen to you
His mind was confused if there was something he did wrong.

You told him what you feel for him after all this time
You told him how you considered him as your own life
Yet he told you how sorry he was to made you believe
He was sorry for all those things that made you think it’s real.

He never wanted to hurt your suppressed feelings
For you are special in his life and considered a friend
He said he cherished you more than ever
But he doesn’t want you for he wants her.


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