Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting Used Of My Love

Sometimes I wonder what part did I made a mistake
Sometimes I would think was the decision made correct
Sometimes things are no longer what we used to have
Your feelings are no longer what you used to show and give.

Do remember loving you with all of my heart was not easy to partake
I must need to give up some of the people I cherished a lot in life
But I risked all of those I treasured for the love I had for you
Hoping you would need me to as what I am to you.

I might be at your side now every single of the day
But we cannot say what tomorrow brings for you and me
Please don’t be fooled of getting used of ME around in your life
For I am not here to be always like that at all times

Do you love me because you want me?
Do you love me because your life is used to me?
Or you just love me because time in you is running out
And you don’t have that much choice to choose.

I don’t know if you needed my whole heart and soul
And I just can’t say either if you needed me or not
Yes you love me but was I considered a part of your life
Or was I just a part of your newly added routine task

1 comment:

venkatesh said...

nice....super poems

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