Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Will It Be Us Again

After all that has been said and done in this life
After all the foul words we said to each other
After all the back stabbings you and I had made
Do you think we can still be friends in the end?

After all the painful words I have said to make you go away
Would you still hoped to be with the girl you used to love?
After all the bad things you said to all on what kind of a girl am I
Would I still accept you then in the future ahead of us?

We thought before we will be together forever
We even had set a blessed ceremony of us together
All the motifs and the place where we will start has been set
Not knowing that time might come for us to be apart.

Remembering those memories made me sobbed
Knowing now, it was no longer I had
Remembering what we supposed and used to have
Makes me wonder a lot why we never last

We really can't be sure what we will be in the end
We might be forever strangers or might be friends
We might still be with each other or might not
All and every things are uncertain in this life's path.

I am not quite sure of what to do and think...
If you will come back and ask for me again
Should I say YES and will accept and be with you again?
Or NO for it would be too much to be true to happen.


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