Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I thought I'm already fine and doing well with what I have
I thought I have finally moved on with my life
But never did thought I will be very much affected
Of you, showing your affection to someone else

I don't know why I felt uncomfortable of what had happen
I don't know why I felt uneasy of what I see
Was it just because I was shocked or annoyed?
Or was I jealous of seeing you with her for some reasons.

I really can't understand what was going on
It really pinch a part of my heart on what I saw
You showing the world how you love her already now
As much as you have loved me before in your life

Why do I feel regret of the decision I made in the past
Why should I feel this way, knowing it's not right?
Am I in denial of what I feel that I still love him?
Or was it just I then, that was left alone in the air?


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