Friday, July 29, 2011

Settling A Doubt

Every one of us living in this world made mistakes
And each of those mistakes has its own corresponding forgiveness
It all depends on the person whom you have put asunder
To let you passed that mistake and accepted you back in one's life.

Yes, everybody should have and will deserve some chances
No matter if it's his 2nd chance or his 6th chance, you still gave way
But sometimes, giving more way that you can able to handle
Is way too much for your mind, soul and heart to tackle

Morning and nights you kept on thinking those thoughts over and over
Those thoughts of “His love and feelings for you are no longer there”
That never a day you would want to stop thinking all those things
But how can you not if there is really something you felt is happening?

Can't quite understand why can't he just be the man you once knew
The man who had touched your soul, the man whom you gave your heart to
You don't know much what to do just to patch things up with both of your lives
You don't know either how to settle the doubt that he had made in your life.

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