Friday, July 15, 2011

Between Us

What happen between US, is for you and me to tackle
Our family has nothing to do with us of what had happened from the start
So, please still try to respect anybody in my family
Even if we are no longer what we used to be.

Please do try to be still civil with them
For they were once the people who loved you then
And the decision of leaving you and everything about us
Is my own and not by them for your information.

I will not say, I never meant things to happen this way
For I decided why it must ended and why it had happen
I am sorry to have caused you hurts and pain
But don’t let our families be a part of your grudge to me.

Things might have not ended well for us
And maybe you blamed me for a sudden change of heart
Then I will not stop you for having that bitterness you felt inside
For I know, it’s not easy to cope that life’s part.

We might not be friends anymore for now or ever
We might treat each other forever like strangers
But involving our families on our hate for each other
Might not be a good idea in any view and angle
For they have both loved us as if we were their own.

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