Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What kind of issue you’re making again?
What kind of lies again are you spreading?
I thought you have moved on now with your new life
But why are your DAMN friends still poking me every now and then?

Will you just stop telling your friends all the lies you had in your mind?
It’s ok to be bitter of what had happen to us, coz so did I
But oh please just be mature of handling what we no longer have
We are not meant to be, and then deal with it for it’s the fact.

You blamed me for a tainted trust and a damaged relationship
You blamed me for a broken tie that we both used to have cherished
Come to think about it, was it all just ME why this happen
Because THIS relationship involves YOU and ME, did you forget?

I never blamed you or myself for our lost intimate love
I never blamed you or myself for what had happen to us
I accepted that painful truth in my heart
And deal with reality that we are meant to be apart.

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