Friday, June 24, 2011

I Love You Mom

On the day, I first felt on my skin the earth's breeze of air
On the day, I first felt the world's light strike in my little hair
On the day, I first felt my eyes started to blinked with little sights
Is the day my Mother had brought me; her daughter to life.

When she saw me, I know she was undeniably happy
Tears flow from her cheeks when I cried my first cry
She was happy for even after the almost cause of her death
She saw and had touched my little body; her angel.

She never wasted a single minute to take care of her baby
She had continued to nurture me with love in every step of my way
Starting from the time; she fed me, played with me and lullabies me
She never even count all the sleepless nights and tiredness she had
Of me, waking her up middle of the night just because I was hungry

She has no questions asked when she wiped my messy butt
She has no questions asked of guarding me the whole day and night
A single scratch on my skin will make her worried to the highest level
How funny that with just of my single cry, she is easily terrified.

I remember how goofy her face was just to make me laugh and smile
I remember how happy she was when she heard me calling her “Mommy”
I remember how she blushes every time I cuddled with her
I remember how joyful she was when I first learn to walk and run towards her.

Reaching what I am now was not an easy job for my Mom
She suffered and cried for me in many different ways no one could imagine
And yet here I am, all grown up to be a one heck of a fine Lady
And that's all because of the immeasurable care and love of Mom for me

Though I'm far away from her for quite a while now
And we can only seldom see each other online
I know that she loved me still and that will never be change
And that I know she had truly missed so much her baby and that's me.

To my ever loving and beautiful Mom - Thank you
Thank you for all the love you showed since the day I was born
Thank you for always being a Mother that I couldn't ask for more
I LOVE YOU MOMMY to the deepest part of my soul.

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Tey said...

Now that I am a mom, I nowhow it feels to be appreciated by people whom you gave birth
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