Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Some things in my life are not meant to happen I know
But I don't want to so I just kept my eyes closed from the truth
I wanted to believe I can make you love me like before
Even if you're not, I would still long for the love for me you once have.

I can't hold on to what is really the truth in you for me
I can't catch up what were really your feelings for me
You used to be the man of my dreams
Yet now, everything in us and you suddenly change.

Can't quite understand what had happen now to you
I don't know if you're bored and just wanted to be alone
Can't quite grasp what's going on with you in my life
Or for some simple thing, you suddenly for me just fall out of love.

If such reason is true, why can't you just leave me?
In that way, I know where my grounds should be
If such falling out of love subject is what you are going through now
Then let it be, spell it out so I can be free from these miseries.

Loving someone who you think is the least to hurt you is frustrating
Knowing you have invested all of what you have to him just for nothing
He continuously made you believed he loves you more than anything
When all of his actions totally contradicts from what he is trying to say.

Which should I go and what should I choose to believe?
I don't know what to follow, is it what I hear or what I feel?
Which should I be, should I believe in his words or his actions?
For I know, I am now trapped and confused from this situation.

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Mahindra City said...

Nice one :) loved it.

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