Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why (Part 2)

Where did I go wrong?
What went wrong from your love that used to be strong?
What was there that I did not give?
Was it space? Freedom? Or happiness that you did not receive?

Why does my heart weep?
Why does my soul grieve?
Why did it have to be this way?
Who am I to feel this way?

Even if you said/told me you loved me
It hurt me coz it was with a D
Even if you told me we're friends
You're still not acting like a friend

Coz you knew how I'll feel toward this
But then you just left me to take all the risk
Why are you not helping me get over this?
Why did you leave me to all this bliss?

Was it something I didn't say to you?
Like the words we often said the "I love you"
Or was it something I always do?
Was it when I nag at you?

Why didn't we talk about it in person?
So we could've cleared things out in our conversation
Why didn't we let that relationship
Be full of talks and friendship?

Why do we cry when our hearts break?
Why do we become weak after a heartache?
Why do we forget
those who shared their love?
And why do we hurt the ones we love?

Why do we hate each other?
Why do we misunderstand one another?
Why do we fall out of love?
And most of all, why do we still love?

July 2, 2000

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