Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why (Part 1)

My head is spinning
My hear is weeping
My mind is dying
and my soul is slipping ...

We got back but why did we still have to part?
I thought we were okay but then now, why are we apart?
Why did you have to hurt me each and everyday?
Why did you have to cross my mind, stayed for awhile and left me anyway?

Wasn't the pain you've caused me enough?
Or was my love for you ain't enough?
You hurt me before
But now you're hurting me twice as more

When will this pain fade away?
Lord help me ... and I pray
Why weren't you there when I needed you?
Where did you go when I missed you?

Why did you not call?
I was a fool to wait after all
Why did your love fade away?
Why did you have to go away?

What happened to the magic of love?
To the sound of laughter we once had
What happened to the patching ups?
What happened to all those? You got fed up

What happened to the charm you used to show?
What happened to the face that used to glow?
What happened to the music when we kissed?
What happened to the "I love you's" we missed?

Who took my place in your heart?
What kept me away from your heart?
What significance am I to you now?
Where am I positioned now?

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