Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Was I? Or Wasn't

I tried to write a little poem again last night
Hoping that what I could write about my life’s bright sight
I could still remember…

The 1st and 2nd stanzas are all quite in the right side
But when I reached the 3rd stanza’s first line

Everything was not of what I expected to have
The mode of the poem changes
The content was painfully bleeding.

I was not quite sure of what had happen
The stroke of my hands changes suddenly
I don’t know where it all started
I don’t know even how it started that way.

I am happy last night and doing well
I even sing songs inside my room, here and there
After that, I went to my bed and lie there looking at the ceiling

Than suddenly I felt the tears in my eyes flowing down my cheeks
What were those tears all about? What was the reason I cried?
I kept on thinking on every possible reason why
Why I felt down, worried and depressed suddenly by that time.

I continue what I had started with my poem
Hoping what the emptiness I felt was just nothing
But I was wrong of what I hoped for
Every stroke of my pen is all about pains
I can no longer control my tears
Then next thing I knew I was in my bed lying
And was hugging my Gelly Bean teddy.

And come to think about it now what happen
Was I really happy and being true to myself then?
Or was I just denying the truth
That pains really covered my whole heart and soul
Last night and right from the start.

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