Tuesday, January 10, 2012


When I came to know you
It did not feel anything unusual
If I could remember, we introduce each other
Through this yahoo messenger

We were not even friends that time yet
We were just casual chatters in the net
We never tend to make each other special
For we are just strangers to each other’s life.

And when we saw each other and formally introduced
I admit, I felt a presence of a beautiful person
Though you’re a bit of snobbish that time
You did not even smile when I say hi, yet you just nod.

And then we became so close suddenly
It felt like, we knew each other for quite a while already
We came to know and see each other’s hidden smiles
And never imagine it would happen in just a snap.

We became then a special part of each other’s life
And hope we will both treasure what we have now
Though the getting to know stage is fast like flash
Still hope, we can make this special feeling to last.

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