Wednesday, July 21, 2010

T'was Nothing

You have hurt me a million times
Yet I say nothing and just accepted the pains
You have denied my feeling for so long
Yet I didn’t utter even a single complaint word.

That was me when I was with you
Accepting and embracing all your given sorrows
Because I had once believed that someday
You will see all the sacrifices I did for us
And that one day you’ll love me back the way it should have been.

Then it came to me then
Why do I let you keep hurting me?
And why I have kept on waiting for the time to arrive
That you will realize you needed me in your life.

Now that I have learn to let go of you
And have started to move on
I said to myself you are not worthy for my love
And yet you have a price to pay for what u did.

It’s payback time as you could see
And I will make sure that you will pay
It’s time for you to feel the pain of being neglected
And felt the pain of being not needed in any ways.

Then you said how dare I to hurt you that way
Now take this, don’t you dare complain and say that to me
Because the pains you felt in your life and heart now
Are NOTHING compared to what I felt when I was still with you.

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