Saturday, September 11, 2010

Times Timely Manner

Time had already changes between us
It was no more on our side
I thought what we had are forevers to keep
but right now, it is continuously fading away.
I have always said to myself before
I will be ready to face whatever that may come
whether it will be a happy ending or not
I will have the guts to move and carry it all on.
But those were just false beliefs then
because look at me now; I was deeply broken
i thought expecting the worst would help me
but what had happen I ended up the other way.
We were never into this mess before
With us, everything was so soft and smooth
I do not know where all those rough times started
And sad to say, it causes loopholes on our lives together
What I foreseen and expected on us may become true after all
And at first I thought I was ready to face it all in full
Yes, I am ready …
It is just that my readiness on the expected ending
Was not that enough to fight with what I truly felt.

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