Sunday, January 2, 2011

This Is My Now

Yes I know, I had and did loved you
But that was before; it’s totally different now
Memories of my past with you were left behind
And yes all the shadows of you are now gone,

Thoughts of you no longer lingers in my mind
And as I look around, I’m living with the moment
That you were already a part of my Then
And no longer a part of my Now,

I could even still remember what I felt before
How I’d think it was almost the end of my life
But then it’s just what I used to believed of us
That we were the one meant for each other then,

Been locked up with your broken promises for so long
And I don’t even know what went wrong with us
You had just left me all alone, miserable
Without even letting me know the damn reason,

Yet contentment and happiness filled my life right now
How strong I became because of my yesterdays with you
How those shattered pieces of myself before
Become one now and again became whole,

Can’t believe, those shadows of you and doubts are gone
Coz I know, I had considered you my Life once
But then, that was Then
And yet, this is my Now already.

1 comment:

Mayet said...

time heals all wounds.

nice poem;)

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