Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Should I?

Moments of my life with you has so many chapters
And most of those pages are filled up with tears
Those tears I had of pains and sorrows
That you could not love me more like I do.

No love between two lovers were perfect, I know
But can it be just closer to perfection
Most of the time you tend to forgot that I exist
And even go on with your life so easy without me.

Tears have been flowing in my cheeks so often
But then, here I am loving you still
I told myself you are not the man of my future
Yet, in my heart I hope you are the one.

I am so confused of what to do anymore in my life
Should I follow my mind or my heart?
But every explanations that runs in my head
Tends to be useless, 'coz I still come for you – running.

Am I really going to live a life like this?
Still hoping and hoping and continue hoping
That time will finally come in my life
I could say my heart is definitely right.

It made me think on many things a lot
Should I continue what we had started or should I not?
Do I have to and need to love you over and over again.
Or just face reality that we are not meant to be forever.


grace said...

nice poem..are you the author of that?i find it awesome

Ivy Lorraine Hsu said...

I really luv ur site and ur poems ^^

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