Thursday, July 8, 2010

Selfish I Am

Selfish I am they say
Then I ask, selfish I am in what way?
They say, selfish in a way that they can’t explained
How then can I accept what they are trying to say then?
When they can’t even provide me their own reason’s validity?

I really don’t know in what way was I being selfish
In what way I was being insensitive
Or in the other way was I so sensitive

I am not perfect as everyone could see
I do also have the flaws anyone could think
I still need to know where did make I make it wrong
I need to know when did I became a burden to you.

We might not know each other very well
We might have each of our own differences
I think this way and you think the other way around
And that’s where and the time when communication suppose to start.

Selfish I am is the only thing they could ever utter
And they keep on saying those excuses over and over
If being selfish means loving someone so deep and true then
Then let it be, selfish I am indeed, I admit and agree.

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