Sunday, October 24, 2010

Same Old Lame Excuse

I am tired of going through this line over and over
I am tired of getting the same reasons you uttered
Anyone would agree, if there is a will there is always a way
If you are really not that into me; then are lots of excuses to say.

Can you even just imagine the feeling of like this?
Can you think also the pissed feeling I felt?
If you cannot feel what I feel then try to feel it
Then you will understand how miserable I am in this way.

I tried to understand and accept your reasons
I did tried to look into those excuses in a different point
But sometimes it is tiring handling the same situations in your life
When so obvious that it’s been happening almost like forever.

Please do not bother to tell me things that are untrue
Please stop saying those repeating lies to me over and over
Knowing that those are the same old lame excuses for me
You used and kept on saying to me since the very beginning of our journey.

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