Friday, December 10, 2010

A Painful Past

The invisible scars are my story
of all the times i was hurt and lost
I ran out of options and ways how to move on
and at the end my flesh became the cost

Each scars has its own memory
buried deep down inside of me
To remind on all of the times
i fallen deeply off the ride

The blue prints of my body
shows were i lost hope and trust
showing all the moments
where i just couldn't cope and take

The scars that will show anyone how weak i am
Those slight signs of broken and defeat
Where i broke under the pressure of moving on
crumbled under the heat of pain and refuge

afraid that someone will use what they find
just simply to make me believe and fall again
afraid to love again
Cause if i give my heart
i know, i give it my all

This scars i had are reminders
of another broken heart
I have always said not to believe on the promises of
"Baby, i wont make you cry"
but here i am still believing and hoping for those lies.

So to everyone, think twice before using me
think twice before even starting
Dont bother loving me
if the plan is just to break my heart

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