Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Never Again, Will I

Been with three different relationships already
Loving different men, who in the end just left me
Never did I understand still until what’s going on
Why not one of those relationships made through the storm?

I have greatly done everything I could and can
Just to keep what I had shared with them intact
But never did they mind of what I’ve done
For they just always left me on my own alone.

They have said they love me with all of their hearts
But shit, those words were just freaking lies instead
And stupid of me to foolishly believing in them
When at the end, I was alone totally broken.

Damn I hate what my heart had gone through
Having different relationships but with the same flow
Never would I understand what happen to my heart and me
For tears would always the finish line of everything.

For all those times my heart was broken
And for all those times, I had fallen so deep
I’ve got to stand still and strong
And never would my knees again to fall.

Never again, will I cry for somebody
Never again, will I fell pain this way
For I know, I had to live my life all alone on my own
And never again will I say, “I love you” to anyone no more!


kimmy said...

why so bitter?

deni said...

good poems. Can u tell me whats the real meaning ?

pasto said...


joy said...

Thanks for the interesting poem!!! Good job! Keep it up, hope to read your other updates poem… Care to exchanged link. Just ping me. Thanks.

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