Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love So Untrue

You taught you have found the one meant for you
You taught you have found what is right for you
You taught you have found the person who would truly love you
The person whom hurting you is the last thing they’re going to do.

You were happy every time you are with him
But does he feel happy with you the same way?
You loved him with all your heart and soul
But does he let you know to him what is your worth?

You gave him all that you are
You gave him even the last beat of your heart
But what do you received in return from all of this
You received nothing even all you gave him everything.

Now here you are in the moment, you are left all alone
Standing on those broken limps on your own
Not knowing what to do and where you could go
For your heart was broken to the very last part of its soul.

It was depressing both your mind and of your heart
When all you did is loved them with no hesitations from the start
What hurts the most is when he said "I love you"
And made you believed those words, when honestly it wasn’t true.

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