Sunday, December 19, 2010

Loosen Grip

It has been a quite a while I noticed different
Things between us were no longer the same
Our decisions starting to collide
And our likes no longer are alike.

You seem then to have accepted all of me
And so did I, I have accepted the whole you wholeheartedly
Then latter part, something had suddenly changed in our life
We turned to a different side or shall I say you turn to the other side.

I hold on to you to the most I can to keep you on track
I tend to hold a grip of you to make you come back
But the more I tried to hold – the more you walk away
It hurts;
Knowing that I have tried all the best I can to make you stay.

I was lost in the midst thinking where I did wrong
When all I did was hold on to us so strong
I was lost in the midst thinking what mistake I made
When all I know, I hold on to you to my last strength.

Maybe the reason behind is that I tend to hold on to you tight
That had let and made you backed away a little bit far
Holding on to you might not be a good idea after all this time
So here I am, loosening grip I have for you and for us.

1 comment:

Cecile said...

nice poem you have here :-); thanks for sharing it wit us!

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